Get The Text - Call For Translations

We have now switched the git master version of Quassel to support gettext translations (.po files) as opposed to Qt translations (.ts files). Qt >= 4.5 provides the tool lconvert which can convert between the two, and we (al, in fact) have modified the build system to use that.

Our hope is that using the wide-spread .po format will attract more translators, as they can use their usual tools and workflows. We currently have more or less current/complete and actively maintained translations for Czech, Finnish, French and German, and more or less outdated ones for Danish, Hungarian, Italian, Norsk, Russish, Slovenish and Turkish. Any help is appreciated, but please consult in our IRC Channel first to avoid duplicating work.

If existing translation teams (such as KDE's or Ubuntu's) are willing to work with a project that's not hosted on their infrastructure, that would be very appreciated too, as this would probably help with the coordination effort.

~ Sputnick