YANT (Yet Another Note for Translators)

After doing some more experimenting with translation workflows, our Master of Translation Daniel "al" Albers has agreed to support Transifex as an additional means to create and maintain translations for Quassel. Thus, people not having or wanting a Launchpad account can use the Transifex portal for contributing translations now!

Since we're not dependending on Ubuntu downstream for managing the translations at Transifex, we are a bit more flexible when it comes to working with contributors, and we can sync the codebase with it more easily and more often. Please do check the other system though before starting, in order to not needlessly duplicating work.

al will integrate translations from both systems into Quassel, so we're not abandoning Launchpad/Rosetta, just providing an alternative.

In short, you can now use the following two frontends for helping Quassel be international:

Transifex - the open translation platform
Launchpad/Rosetta - Ubuntu Translators

Thanks for listening again, and I'm looking forward to seeing our po/ folder fill up! ;-)
~ Sputnick