We Have Mailing Lists!

Hi all,

finally (after years of pushing and prodding for it), we now have mailing lists for Quassel IRC.
While most of user support and discussions happens in our IRC channels (mostly #quassel on
Libera Chat), mailing lists have distinct advantages - in particular, there is an archive, and
people can chime in asynchronously.

So now we offer the following lists:

  • quassel-announce

    This is a read-only list, where the development team will send important announcements
    to. We highly recommend distro packagers to subscribe to this one, as we'll announce
    releases and other important information there.

  • quassel-users

    This list should be used for general user discussion about and around Quassel IRC -
    questions, tips & tricks, that sort of things.

  • quassel-devel

    This list is for discussion about development of Quassel IRC itself. Everything that is related
    to development should go there, and we'll share our plans and ideas there as well.

So, feel free to go ahead and subscribe!

Please note that this is my first time setting up a list server, so if the lists show unexpected
behavior or have configuration issues, feel free to poke me so I can fix it.

~ Sput