alpha2 has been released!

A few days later than planned, we have released quassel-0.2.0-alpha2! We used the extra days to iron out some annoying bugs, such as the crash on first run some users experienced, and made the sync-to-core process much faster.

More features include:

  • Sane first-run layout of dockwidgets
  • Various UI enhancements
  • Buffer switching via mousewheel (thanks Ian "eean" Monroe for the patch!)
  • Redirection of notices and server messages to the status buffer or the current buffer
  • Various bugfixes

Upgrading is recommended!

Packages for *buntu and Debian will appear on the downloads page during the next few days, as well as updated builds for Windows and MacOSX.

Have fun with the shiny new -alpha2!
~ Sputnick