CeBIT Day One

Hi there,

blogging live from CeBIT, Hanover, Germant, Worls'd largest IT fair :) This time I am not promoting Quassel, but I am part of the Amarok Promo Team. Be sure to check out the bestest music player in the world! Still using Quassel though :) While part of the KDE and Amarok people here chose to find some restaurant and eat, sven423 and me decided to enjoy the free booth parties :) Since we have only a few more minutes until security kicks us out for good, just a few notes:

  • World's largest IT fair is unable to provide internet access during the day
  • Booth parties rock! :)
  • If you are looking for us: Hall 5, Booth E61/3
  • Pizza delivery directly to the booth works :)

So much for now, hoping to get internet access tomorroy night at some point again :)

~ Sput