rc1 will (hopefully) be the last Release Candidate... ever!

Just to give you a heads-up: With the release of 0.2.0 (which we expect during the next few weeks) we'll switch to a versioning scheme that is more consistent to other projects. This means that from then on, we will be releasing new patch-level releases rather than going the alpha/beta/rc cycle. The latter made sense as long as we didn't have a version that we considered complete enough to be a real release. Based on user feedback and our own experience, we feel quite confident about releasing 0.2.0 very soon now.

Roughly around the same time, we'll also release a 0.3.0 version, so people willing to play with the new stuff can get proper releases as well. The 0.3 series will be considered a development branch. Future will tell if we stick with that (i.e. odd minors = devel releases, even minors = stable releases). We plan to put a lot of experimental and exciting stuff into 0.3, so this series will probably be alive for quite a while (while 0.2 will only see major bugfixes in the future, but no new features).