Finalizing 0.3.0

Most people visiting our channel #quassel at Freenode already know that we have tagged the supposedly last bugfix release for the 0.3.0 branch a couple weeks ago. We have shied away from publicly announcing the release since we usually want to have binaries for all platforms ready first. Anyway, since our Linux buildbox is going to be out of service for at least a few more weeks, we are now officially releasing quassel-, available on our download page!

This release only contains the remaining bugfixes based on 0.3.0. Compared to, these are some build system fixes and an issue with the topic widget. There are no new features, as 0.3.0.x expressly is a bugfix branch.

Windows users can be happy, since we now provide a monolithic client again! This means, those of you running a local core can now use the more convenient integrated binary again.
On the other hand, Linux users won't find a static core, but the one from hasn't changed anyway...

Assuming no real blockers surface in the future, this release marks the end of supporting 0.3.0. We are concentrating on getting shiny new features into trunk and the upcoming 0.3.1 release instead :)