Let There Be Features - Releasing Quassel IRC 0.3.1

After more than two months, we are finally delivering a shiny new feature release to you! The 0.3.0.x releases were only bugfix releases, based on the "ancient" 0.3.0. In the meantime, we were busy working on new stuff and fixing tons of bugs. In fact, I won't even bother listing all that stuff here, since you can just click on those links and see for yourself :) Among the features users have been waiting for for a long time and now finally get are day change messages and properly clickable URLs with visual feedback. Another highlight certainly are the on-hover previews of linked webpages.

We are quite proud of quassel-0.3.1, as we've put a lot of effort in making it a solid and stable release. So don't hesitate to grab it from our downloads page or get it from a distribution near you!