Quassel - Coming to a KDE4 near you

As my XMas present to our faithful community, I have merged my branch named "kde" into git master a few days ago. As the name suggests, this brings you the long-awaited optional KDE4 integration! Mostly this means that Quassel, with KDE integration enabled, will use your KDE icon and color theme, it gives you editable shortcuts, and - finally - full support for knotify (the KDE notification system). Some more things will probably follow soon.

Meanwhile, EgS has been busy pimping the core, adding extended backlog features, query merging, proxy support, SSL authentication (e.g. for OFTC) and more cool stuff. We will now focus on usability issues and general UI polishing, thanks to seele's efforts who gratiously took the time to thoroughly review Quassel's UI.

All this will of course be part of the next release, quassel-0.4.0, due early 2009. So that's definitely something to look forward to in the new year ;-)

Update: Just to avoid confusion: KDE integration is an optional feature, and it will stay an optional feature. We do not intend to enforce a KDE dependency, since many Quassel users don't use it (for some bizarr reason ;-)), and it would be a mess on Windows and MacOSX anyway. This does not mean that our KDE4 users should have to miss out on great features like shiny Plasma bubbles though :)