The World in a Donut

This was one of the comments our new shiny application icon caused, and it was even suggested as our new tagline. I LOL'd :)

New Quassel Logo
I would like to thank again Mr. Oxygen Nuno Pinheiro for his terrific artwork for both KDE4 and Quassel. Most of the icons you see in Quassel are made by him and the rest of the Oxygen Team. Kudos!

Old Quassel Logo
We have been fading out our old logo, the All-Seeing Eye, during the past few weeks. This was created by John "nox" Hand, who deserves kudos for his work as well, of course. Thank you! Your logo has served us well for a long time, but now it's Oxygen all the way...

New Quassel artwork coming to a release near you in only a few days!